Welcome to BacHub

BacHub is a real-time, streaming data processing service in the cloud

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BacHub processes data from various sources and of various formats. We use digital workers called bacteria (or bac for short) to load (ingest), process (digest), and return (egest) your data.

Data handling happens in real-time and in a streaming manner. This means that you download processed data while still uploading the source.

This also means that you can outsource API response or image processing from your websites and applications to BacHub.

BacHub will ease your data handling pain in the ass.


Once we're ready, you will be able to benefit from these awesome features:


your own bacteria

Choose from a multitude of data processing routines, define parameters and create custom data processing workflows.


various data formats

We will support processing of image, CSV, XML, JSON, HTML, and generic text files. You can also combine them, for example in order to parse a website for image URLs, resize them, and download them in a ZIP archive.


by publishing your bacteria

Once you've set up your little friend you may wish to publish it for others to use.


from other people's bacteria

You can also incorporate bacteria as intermediate steps in your own ones. This way, you can take advantage of the work other people have already done.

Service status pre-pre-alpha

We're not quite ready yet. Think of this as an early pre-pre-alpha. Frankly, you can't do anything, really, except testing one particular bac, that resizes an image given by a query string in the url. However, it resizes it in a real-time, streaming manner, which is the point of all this.

Try the image resizer now